child custody attorneys

Five child custody attorneys to handle your emergencies

Our experienced child custody attorneys stand ready and equipped to provide whatever help you need through the stressful and emotional process of creating and enforcing child custody plans. Our services include:

  • Strong child custody plans that work for you and your children
  • Acting expeditiously in custody emergencies
  • Negotiated agreements that avoid court fights
  • Successful representation in high conflict and complex cases
  • Custody limitations due to drug, alcohol, and sexual abuse
  • Custody limitations due to domestic violence charges

Five experienced Port Orchard child custody attorneys offer extensive expertise

David Jones, Managing Partner, has 22 years of family law experience in Kitsap County. Learn more from his page.
John Groseclose, Partner, also serves as a guardian ad litem, representing the interests of children. Learn more from his page.
Robert Garrison, Of Counsel, has 26 years as a family law attorney. Learn more from his page.
Sara Humphries, Of Counsel, also is a military spouse and foster parent, adding practical experience. Learn more from her page.
Sylvia Seybold, Of Counsel, also volunteers with parents. Learn more from her page.