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Travel Ban Legal Updates

MAY 25, 2017 UPDATE: The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals has issued an extensive decision that refuses to reinstate the revised Travel Ban Executive Order. It is possible that the administration will appeal to the Supreme Court. In addition, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is due to issue its opinion on the same Executive Order soon. While it is possible that the 9th Circuit will come to a different decision, it is unlikely. Caution is still advised if you are traveling in the countries affected by the ban, though legal thought seems to be against the restrictions on travel that the Executive Order covers. 
UPDATE 3/10/17: The new travel ban takes effect on March 16. It no longer includes Iraq in the ban and makes it clear that the ban does not include legal US permanent residents or those who have valid visas. Four states have filed challenges to the new ban. Reports continue, however, about extreme vetting tactics at airports and other entry points. So, if you travel think carefully about what you are carrying.

UPDATE: 2/15/17 – There are now at least three lawsuits in federal courts around the country and discovery will begin soon in two of those courts. The administration is giving stronger indications that it will rewrite the Travel Ban to make it more acceptable. There are indications that, should they issue a new Travel Ban, it will be challenged in federal court also. Should that happen, there is no agreement as to whether federal judges would halt the enforcement of the new order temporarily. 


President Trump’s travel ban destabilized the system of entry into the U.S. to such an extent that we advise all immigrants who are not U.S. citizens to refrain from travel outside the United States, regardless of your country of origin. Even for people who have lawful permanent residency, there is an element of risk in returning to the U.S. The Executive Order requires overhauling the rules and procedures for vetting. Thus, the conditions for re-entry may change for every non-citizen over time. We are following the changes in court review and administration practices and will update our website immigration page as they change. Currently, the Travel Ban is on hold and people with Visas and permanent status are allowed entry. The administration has not announced if they will appeal the stay or hold on their ban. In the meantime, Judge Rickart in Seattle is proceeding with deciding whether or not the Travel Ban is constitutional.  


Immigration Law

Immigration: Visas, DACA, Asylum, and Detention

GSJones Law Group, P.S., assists undocumented immigrants with a wide variety of immigration law issues.

  • Asylum
  • DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) filing
  • U.S. citizens seeking family-based visas
  • detention issues
  • U- and T-Visas

Michele Taylor, an experienced immigration attorney with extensive trial experience, also represents those in deportation proceedings.

Michele Taylor helps permanent residents and citizens seeking to bring family members to the U.S. through spousal or fiancé visas (K-1 or K-3) or other family visas (F-1, F-2, F-3 or F-4). She also helps undocumented immigrants who have been victims of crime obtain U and T visas. Many crime victims aren’t told that they may be eligible for these visas. If you have been a crime victim, contact us to see if you qualify.

Michele Taylor is also a criminal defense attorney with a background as a prosecutor. Call Michele Taylor first, if you are arrested, regardless of your immigration status. Having an attorney knowledgeable in both criminal defense and the effect of your case on your immigration status can make the difference between deportation or remaining in the U.S.

Port Orchard Immigration Law Attorney Can Help Maximize Your Chances of Success

You want to maximize your chances of success when dealing with immigration laws and regulations. Services, such as a family-based visa or a DACA applications, are vitally important to the safety and future of your family. GSJones Law Group, P.S., offers clients the reassurance of accurate interpretation of requirements, timeliness and attention to detail.

Although abundant free information is available from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) regarding visas, permanent residency, DACA and citizenship, your freedom is vital. Entrust it to an experienced immigration attorney.

You can, of course, download forms off the Internet and mail in an application on your own. It takes time, however, for the USCIS to process requests. Rejection can result from even minor mistakes, including listing the wrong visa or missing a piece of documentation. Even writing your check for the wrong amount can cause rejection of your application. At that point, you will have to start the process over again. You waste valuable time and increase your chances of a denial. Entrust your visa and adjustment of status applications to an experienced Washington immigration lawyer at GSJones Law Group, P.S.

Immigration Resources

Know your rights as an immigrant, whether fully documented or not documented. Constitutional rights protect all of us. Don’t allow unreasonable searches of our homes or our persons and don’t talk with law enforcement, including Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Learn what your rights are and how to insist on your rights using resources we’ve collected.

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Let an experienced attorney advise and assist you in your application for adjustment of status. Use the handy form after our business hours or call directly during the day. We are happy to help you. We stand ready to fight deportation after you have overstayed your visa or have been charged with a crime. Michele is a criminal attorney in addition to practicing immigration law. Immigrants charged with crimes need an attorney with a knowledge of immigration law.

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