Beware Jury Duty Scam

The Kitsap County Sheriff warns of a phone scam. A man is phoning folks in the West Sound area and informing them that they need to pay a large sum of money to avoid going to court for failure to show for jury duty.  A few of the details are summarized below, based on the Sheriff’s warning. The details may change as the scammer makes changes. If you get any kind of notice that you owe a court fee for a violation, check with the court or the sheriff’s office, before taking action.


Contact: by phone

Caller: man who identifies as a court investigator with the Sheriff’s Department, sound credible

Threat: Warrant issued for your arrest

Demand:  avoid arrest and erase (or “quash”) the warrant by paying a sum of money via a prepaid card, such as Green Dot prepaid Visa or MasterCard debit card, MoneyPak card, etc.

Usual amount: $2,000

Read the official notice.