Meet John Groseclose, Kitsap County neighbor

Meet John Groseclose, one of your Kitsap County neighbors at the GSJones Law Group in Port Orchard and Silverdale, where he is a partner. He is an active member of the community, currently serving as the president of Kitsap Legal Services. He joined the board five years ago after volunteering for several years. The housing justice project, which he helped to form, is a particular favorite. “I was concerned that there was no way in Kitsap County to help people who were being evicted. Kitsap County lacked the clinic available in nearby counties,” he said.

Seahawks fan for decades

John, a longtime avid Seahawks fan, attended the Super Bowl with his wife in February. During the season he doesn’t miss a home game, usually attending either with his wife or his son. The father of two and the grandfather of two, his house is the gathering spot for them and family friends most weekends and holidays.

As a personal injury and family law attorney, John finds his work satisfying. “I really enjoy using the law to help people recover damages or right wrongs. I also love assisting parents to put together a good parenting plan that promotes a good relationship for children with both parents.”

Considering John to help you recover damages or to assist with a divorce or custody issues? Give him a call 360-876-9221