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You have something in common with Stormy Daniels

Surprised? You both have arbitration agreements. We all agree to arbitration as the means of resolving disagreements dozens of times. Arbitration agreements are standard to most agreements, including all those Read More

Time for Paycheck Checkup: IRS Calculator

IRS Withholding Calculator You can now check your IRS paycheck deduction, using the new IRS Withholding Calculator. The new tax law has several major changes and it has been implemented on Read More

Settle Your IRS debt

In the past several months three of my clients were able to settle their IRS debt through the Offer in Compromise program.  If you owe back taxes this is a Read More

Is joint ownership a good substitute for a will?

The short answer is probably not.   Joint ownership is sometimes called the poor person’s will or the lazy will, although it is the most common form of estate planning. Its chief Read More

Representing immigrants focus of Kitsap Legal Services benefit

Benefit features hero of  Travel Ban plus GSJones speaker and MC in evening focused on immigration Noah Purcell kept Featured speaker Noah Purcell, Washington State Solicitor General tells of stopping the Travel Read More

Newlywed Tax Tips

Newly married this summer? by Norman Short, business and tax lawyer, GSJones Law Group, P.S. You’re probably worn out from dealing with the myriad of details your wedding demanded.  The last thing you Read More

Books on divorce

A good divorce lawyer is essential; good books on divorce are vital Divorce is tough. Our five divorce attorneys know that well. Nothing is more important than family and friends that can Read More

Wills: Five reasons you need a will

Do you think that wills are only for the wealthy? Or do you believe that your trust, jointly owned property, or insurance with named beneficiaries takes care of everything? Think Read More

Distracted Driving Law: Concentrate or Pay

Just drive! Or pay the fines and then the increased insurance premiums. Sunday the new distracted driving law and a major tightening of the rules concerning cell phones take effect Read More

Digital estate planning

What are your electronics, blog, and online photos worth? You may have worked with an estate planning attorney to carefully plan your family’s financial future. But did you include your digital Read More

Immigration Travel Ban Update

After Supreme Court ruling travel for people with relationships in U.S. allowed. While the Supreme Court lifted the hold on some aspects of the immigration travel ban, it ordered the administration Read More

IRS says: Beware phone scam

New IRS phone scam threatens immediate arrest art by Anecdoteak by Norman Short, PartnerA new and vicious phone scam has reached the Puget Sound area in which the caller poses as an IRS (Internal Read More

Saving clients thousands on medical records

It used to cost thousands of dollars for lawyers to obtain medical records for clients. Then the HITECH Act mandated electronic health record use and set new rates. HITECH also speeds Read More

Travel Information for Immigrants

We advise all immigrants who are not U.S. citizens to refrain from travel outside the United States until the matter of the Travel Ban is settled, regardless of your country Read More

Happiness and lawyers

We don’t usually associate happiness and lawyers. Yet consider: What does it take to make us happy? Many psychologists tell us that choice and control over our environment have a Read More

Holiday child custody tips

by David Jones, Family Law Attorney and Partner, GSJones Law Group, P.S. For divorced and separated parents Christmas time can be very difficult, especially the children. Holiday child custody issues add to the Read More

Viewing 33 - 48 out of 66 posts