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4 ways to break a lease

“Can I break my lease?” was the first question posed by a Facebook friend. We created an opportunity for people to suggest topics they would like more information about. If Read More

Happy Thanksgiving

With deep gratitude for the awesome gifts of a glorious universe and our lives,may we live to bless the world and each other with our care.Amen The Partners and Staff Read More

Happy and safe Halloween

Some of our attorneys and staff gather to wish you and yours a happy Halloween. Aren’t they a booutiful group? Read More

Beware Jury Duty Scam

The Kitsap County Sheriff warns of a phone scam. A man is phoning folks in the West Sound area and informing them that they need to pay a large sum Read More

Yasmin Clark & Tort Reform

Tort reform limits justice for children by John Groseclose, Partner Tort reform has been sold to us as an easy way to reduce high medical costs and frivolous lawsuits.  More accurately, tort reform limits Read More

Black lives matter, key to the rule of law

We talk a lot about the rule of law. A key part of the rule of law is the obligation of courts to protect the rights of those with less Read More

Secrecy allows child custody abuse to flourish

Decisions about child custody can have disastrous results When a court appoints a guardian ad litem in a custody case, the responsibility can be more keenly felt than any other responsibilities. Read More

Excessive force complaints and police reform

st week the Houston Chronicle reported the arrest of a therapist last March for resisting arrest.When she was pulled over for allegedly crossing a double white line, the young woman Read More

Can a computer replace your attorney?

obots and artificially intelligent computers have been replacing industrial  jobs for a decade or more. Five years ago many of us saw IBM’s Watson beat two champions on Jeopardy. Now Watson has Read More

Back the Blue Act guts drive for police reform

Back the Blue Act guts incentives to improve policing In the past two years we’ve seen example after example of excessive force by police officers. Although they too often result in serious injury Read More

Military hospitals – medical malpractice

Should military hospitals be liable for gross medical mistakes, for medical malpractice? A case with local ties once again asks that question in the heartbreaking death of Navy Lt. Rebekah Moani Daniel Read More

Are Judges solely responsible for biased judicial decisions?

by John Groseclose, Litigation Attorney In the national debate about mandatory minimums, biased judicial decisions and whether a judge should have discretion in sentencing someone that is found guilty or pleads Read More

U-Visas for undocumented crime victims and families

By Michele Taylor, Immigration and Criminal Defense Attorney Please help spread the word, U-Visas are for undocumented crime victims and their families. They allow the U-Visa holder to work and remain Read More

Meet John Groseclose, Kitsap County neighbor

Meet John Groseclose, one of your Kitsap County neighbors at the GSJones Law Group in Port Orchard and Silverdale, where he is a partner. He is an active member of the community, Read More

Humanitarian Award goes to GSJones Law Group attorney Sara Humphries

Sara Humphries was recognized by her peers for her humanitarian work. The Kitsap County Bar Association presented her the 2014 Humanitarian Award “in recognition of sustained achievement in the public Read More

Partner David Jones appointed Judge Pro Tem for Kitsap Country

Recently Kitsap County District Court appointed our own Dave Jones Judge Pro Tem. He will serve as a commissioner for settlement conferences. This new responsibility calls on his skills developed Read More

Viewing 49 - 64 out of 66 posts