Saving clients thousands on medical records

It used to cost thousands of dollars for lawyers to obtain medical records for clients. Then the HITECH Act mandated electronic health record use and set new rates. HITECH also speeds up processing of claims and lawsuits. The savings are enormous. It is also difficult to use. Too often medical providers apply the rates that Washington State allows, rather than the rates set by federal rules. Records that may cost several thousand dollars under state law, only cost a few dollars using the federal rules.

Ginger Johnson leads statewide training

GSJones paralegal Ginger Johnson has become an expert in obtaining these records. Recently she shared this knowledge as the featured speaker in a regular legal training series offered by the EAGLE Program of the Washington State Association for Justice.  Her presentation and Q&A was very well received. Several of the many paralegals in attendance wrote to praise the training.

Congratulations, Ginger!