Travel Information for Immigrants

We advise all immigrants who are not U.S. citizens to refrain from travel outside the United States until the matter of the Travel Ban is settled, regardless of your country of origin. Even for people who have lawful permanent residency, there is an element of risk in returning to the U.S. The Executive Order requires overhauling the rules and procedures for vetting. Thus, the conditions for re-entry may change for every non-citizen over time. We are following the changes and will update our website immigration page as they change. Currently, the Travel Ban is on hold and people with Visas and permanent status are being allow entry. The administration has not announced if they will appeal the stay or hold on their ban. In the meantime, Judge Rickart in Seattle is proceeding with deciding whether or not the Travel Ban is constitutional.


2/15/17 – There are now at least three lawsuits in federal courts around the country and discovery will begin soon in two of those courts. The administration is giving stronger indications that it will rewrite the Travel Ban to make it more acceptable. There are indications that should they issue a new Travel Ban it will be challenged in federal court also. Should that happen, there is no agreement as to whether federal judges would halt the enforcement of the new order temporarily.