Ginger Johnson Featured in Kitsap Daily News

Ginger is featured in The Kitsap Daily News supplement 2019 Women in Business (page 13) as the CEO and founder of Run Amok Racing. At GSJones we rely on her for her paralegal skills. However, in addition to her work as a legal professional, the veteran runner organizes six races a year and several in our office participate. Continue reading

Criminal Defense Attorney featured Yukon Do It! Runner

Check out this spotlight on Michele Taylor, GSJones criminal defense attorney. Join her in signing up for the July 7th  Yukon Do It! Marathon. Interviewer Ginger Johnson, runs the marathon organization, Run Amok Racing, Inc. and is on our staff.


Michele Taylor! Can I tell you how inspiring this lady is to me? She has taken her life and told it who’s boss! You need someone to tell you to stop complaining and get off your butt and do the work? This is your woman.

When did you begin running and why?

I started running in College…mostly for the health and stress relief benefits and then when I moved to NOLA it was a great way to get to know the city. Running the Neutral Ground or the levee in New Orleans was a favorite of mine.

At what age did you run your first half or full marathon?

37 – it was the Rock and Roll ½ Marathon in 2009.

What is the toughest run or race you’ve participated in?

I wish I could remember the name of it…it was on Vashon Island, a 5K, but it was super hilly and the weather was awful…we had snow in April that race day! I will say my pace was awesome because the faster I went the warmer I stayed.

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Proud co-sponsor of the Yukon Do It! Marathons

Many in our Kitsap law firm participate in Port Orchard’s only marathon. We invite you to join us for the July 7th half and full Yukon Do It! marathons.

Run Amok Racing, Inc. organizes the marathons, led by Ginger Johnson, GSJones legal assistant for personal injury and employment litigation.

Run Amok Racing donates a portion of all runner’s entry’s fees to Kitsap Humane Society this summer. The donation will help Kitsap Humane Society care for the more than 6,500 homeless and abandoned animals they take in annually.

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community service

Legal community honors GSJones Law Group

Recently the Kitsap County Bar Association awarded GSJones Law Group with the Humanitarian Award for community service. The award recognizes more than 400 hours of volunteer labor to support our community in 2018.  In introducing the award, Bar Association Trustee Ron Richmond, a former GSJones Law Group attorney, said, “GSJones Law Group is where I learned what law was all about. Where I learned that justice is not justice unless it is accessible. And where I personally watched tonight’s recipients dedicate countless hours to the advancement of better communities, a better legal system, and a better tomorrow through volunteerism.”

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Welcome Larry Lofgren family law, bankruptcy attorney

Welcome Larry Lofgren

We are proud to welcome Larry Lofgren as our newest Associate, focusing on family law and bankruptcy. GSJones Law Group is also excited to offer family law and bankruptcy clients a new Bainbridge Island location. Larry comes to us from a solo practice on Bainbridge Island. You can schedule appointments with Larry at either our main office in Port Orchard or on Bainbridge Island. With additional experience in estate planning law and real estate, he will also strengthen those teams at GSJones Law Group. Continue reading

Litigators won $332,000 jury verdict for small businessman

litigators won

GSJones Litigators turn the tables on a corporate plaintiff suing a small business owner

GSJones Law Group litigators won a $332,000 jury verdict for Kitsap County cabinetmaker Shannon Wagner. Port Orchard Airport, Inc. filed suit against the small businessman after it evicted him from his shop. In addition they seized most of the business’ tools, materials, and unfinished projects. Sara Humphries, who has worked defending tenants in eviction actions for years joined Chalmers Johnson, who usually represents plaintiffs in lawsuits against corporations. Together they formed a winning team. Continue reading

Personal injury attorney sues Port Townsend for retired reporter

Chalmers Johnson, personal injury attorney, employment lawGSJones Law Group personal injury attorney Chalmers Johnson sues Port Townsend, the police department and the officer who injured his client, a retired newspaper reporter.

Port Townsend police officer threw retired reporter Stephen Patch to the sidewalk and ground his face in the concrete in December 2014. Mr. Patch ended the encounter face down in a pool of his own blood with a broken wrist. The officer was responding to a report from a third party in which Mr. Patch was the alleged victim in an argument with his disabled son. The officer, who can be heard on the police dash-cam recording, explained to Mr. Patch’s outraged son at the scene that he was only trying to protect Mr. Patch from injuring himself. He changed his justification for the attack when he later wrote a report that stated Mr. Patch, a slight 64-year-old man, was threatening the police officers.

$60,000 in Medical Costs

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Representing immigrants focus of Kitsap Legal Services benefit

Benefit features hero of  Travel Ban plus GSJones speaker and MC in evening focused on immigration

Noah Purcell kept

Kitsap Legal Services benefit speaker

Featured speaker Noah Purcell, Washington State Solicitor General tells of stopping the Travel Ban

the audience rapt with his stories focused on his role in opposing the Travel Ban. Washington State led the nation in opposing the ban that caused such pain and chaos among travelers from seven countries.  All seven countries have majority Muslim populations. He is the Solicitor General of the State of Washington. Continue reading

Chalmers Johnson settlement for “trash out” victim

GSJones Law Group, Chalmers Johnson, was featured on a recent KOMO TV news segment on the illegal activities of “trash out” companies. Chalmers negotiated a settlement with Safeguard Properties for Byron Brassfield of Port Townsend. There are dozens of lawsuits against Safeguard filed every year for illegally entering foreclosed properties while the owners are still legally in possession and throwing away all the owners belongs, including mementos, photos and in one case even the urn containing a loved one’s ashes. Byron’s home was not even foreclosed when they broke into it and took everything to the dump.  Click here for the news story.

Chalmers loves getting compensation for people who have been injured or suffered serious wrongs. He would love to talk with you, if you need a strong attorney who will fight for you.

John Groseclose, Kitsap County neighbor

Meet John Groseclose, Kitsap County neighbor

Meet John Groseclose, one of your Kitsap County neighbors at the GSJones Law Group in Port Orchard and Silverdale, where he is a partner. He is an active member of the community, currently serving as the president of Kitsap Legal Services. He joined the board five years ago after volunteering for several years. The housing justice project, which he helped to form, is a particular favorite. “I was concerned that there was no way in Kitsap County to help people who were being evicted. Kitsap County lacked the clinic available in nearby counties,” he said. Continue reading