Two attorneys knowledgeable in appellate law

Appellate Law

Two GSJones Law Group attorneys have years of experience and advanced training in appellate law. They are invaluable guides to all trial attorneys at our law firm. They advise on preserving your appeal rights during trial.  In addition, they can provide  legal analysis throughout the process.  Sara Humphries and Chalmers Johnson pursue appeals, where necessary, prior to the completion of a trial. In-depth knowledge of  appeals practice and constitutional principles add value to our strategic planning.

Advanced degree & Admission to U.S. Supreme Court bar

Sara Humphries has an advanced law degree (LL.M.) in the specialty of constitutional law, federal courts and appellate advocacy. Chalmers Johnson is admitted to the bar of the Supreme Court of the United States, as well as appellate courts in several states.

Sara and Chalmers provide a variety of support.

  • Evaluate the issues in the case.
  • Advise trial attorneys on preserving appeal rights.
  • Conduct legal research to assess the strength of the issues raised at trial.
  • Identify the most promising issues for appeal. Write an ‘issues memo’ based on research and analysis, and consultation trial lawyers.
  • Write the brief.
  • Share the brief with the client and trial counsel; incorporate their comments and reactions.
  • Timely file the appeal
  • Present the oral argument.
  • Manage post-hearing steps.

You must act quickly to file an appeal in a timely manner. Choose a law firm with in-house constitutional and appellate experience.

Appellate and Constitutional Law Attorneys

Chalmers Johnson, personal injury attorney, employment law Sara Humphries - Family Law, Civil Defense litigator & Appellate lawyer

Chalmers Johnson, Extensive experience in state and federal appeals

Sara Humphries, Advanced legal training in constitutional law

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