Below we’ve gathered some immigration resources to help you understand the laws. These will allow you to act on your own behalf. If you need more help, don’t hesitate to contact our immigration attorney, Michele Taylor.

Immigration resource: If ICE is at your door

A great resource in Spanish and English for those concerned with ICE raids. Also, get a fuller explanation from these slideshows.

Simply put: Do not let ICE into your home if they don’t have a court order signed by a judge. An administrative removal order does not give them the right to enter. The ACLU’s website is a good resource for how to enforce your rights.

Check out these examples of a court order and an immigration administrative order.

This is an example of a court order. If signed by a judge, and your name, exact address, or the name of anyone who lives in your house is on the order, the ICE agents have the right to enter. 

This is an example of an administrative warrant. Do NOT allow ICE agents or police to enter with this warrant. Many thanks to the ACLU for these examples.

The Washington State Immigrant Solidarity Network has local information and a text network for getting timely information.

Immigration resource: If stopped by the police

Another great video from the ACLU with a bit of humor about your rights if you are stopped by the police.