Litigators won $332,000 jury verdict for small businessman

litigators won

GSJones Litigators turn the tables on a corporate plaintiff suing a small business owner

GSJones Law Group litigators won a $332,000 jury verdict for Kitsap County cabinetmaker Shannon Wagner. Port Orchard Airport, Inc. filed suit against the small businessman after it evicted him from his shop. In addition they seized most of the business’ tools, materials, and unfinished projects. Sara Humphries, who has worked defending tenants in eviction actions for years joined Chalmers Johnson, who usually represents plaintiffs in lawsuits against corporations. Together they formed a winning team.

And together they turned the tables in this case, causing the hunter to become the hunted by filing counterclaims against the Corporation. It was a David vs. Goliath case. The Corporation, which had started as the unrelenting aggressor, suddenly found itself before a jury being pursued as a defendant by Johnson and Humphries. The trial lasted from Monday morning through the end of the day on Thursday. The Jury reached a verdict Friday afternoon. When reached for comment about the case, Chalmers Johnson said: “It was a long and hard-fought trial. The Jury was fantastic. Maybe the most engaged and thoughtful jury I have ever worked with.”

He added, “To the Corporate Goliaths out there, we’re watching you! Chalk one up for the Davids.”


Constitutional Law

Constitutional law


Two litigators with advanced degree (LL.M) and experience in constitutional law

Consult a litigation attorney with advanced training (LL.M) in constitutional law who can identify and use constitutional issues during the course of trial.  Constitutional law focuses on the application of the U.S. Constitution to cases. Few people seek out a constitutional lawyer. However, law firms with attorneys who have experience and additional education in constitutional law offer most clients an enhanced level of service. Constitutional lawyers work with the rights and principles created by the Constitution in a wide variety of individual cases.


You may have a custody issue or an employment law case. Maybe it’s an immigration or criminal law problem. Any of these could benefit from someone skilled in constitutional principles.

GSJones team approach gives all our litigators access to the constitution law experience of two attorneys

Sara, Humphries, family law, civil defense, appellate law Chalmers Johnson, personal injury attorney, employment law

Sara Humphries earned an advanced law degree focusing on constitutional law, appellate advocacy and federal courts. In addition to her family law and civil defense practice, she is available for consultation to all GSJones Law Group lawyers.

Chalmers Johnson focuses on representing people who have been injured. Specifically, he focuses on Civil Rights, employment law, and personal injury. In the course of his 22 years, he has argued before the U.S. Supreme Court, two state supreme courts, a U.S. Court of Appeals. He is equipped to represent you in both straightforward situations and when it is necessary to vindicate your constitutional rights in court. He is also available to advise other GSJones lawyers about options.

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