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 Who We Are

GSJones Law Group, P.S., the law firm that meets all your legal needs.

7 lawyers                    150 years experience

The GS Jones Law Group, P.S.

A team approach with a 360° look at your legal concerns


Stressful Family Times?

Divorce, custodyadoption, separation plus interstate family law, domestic violence emergency orders.
Our family law attorneys will guide you to meet your needs with the least distress possible. As a result, you can move on with your life.

Think Estate Planning is only for the wealthy and elderly?

Our Estate Planning lawyers work with many ages and income levels.
We help you protect your family through all the surprises that life and death can bring. For example, some areas include Living Trusts, Wills, Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, Irrevocable Trusts, and Charitable Gifting Strategies. We help you find just the right instruments for you. In addition, we guide probate administrators.

Have a business or want to start one? 

Our business attorneys is here to help you every step of the way.
Beginning with your business formation and tax setup, we guide you as you set your business on a safer and firmer footing. We draft basic contracts and forms. In addition, we review or draft personnel manuals and policies. We make startups easier and keep you on a winning path. Later, we can routinely review your contracts, bring an expert eye to a personnel issue. Eventually, we can review your original business and tax decisions. As a result, you may determine changes that will make you more profitable.


Our experienced personal injury attorney will fight for you
We stand ready to guide you through the process and fight fiercely for what you need. Call us for a free case evaluation.

Need help with tax penalties, traffic or criminal charges?

You won’t find more effective representation than our tax attorney (25+ years dealing with IRS) or our criminal defense attorney (former prosecutor).

Life is not always simple. Your legal needs may be complex. Our lawyers work together to meet whatever life throws at you.

Our experience and regular practices encompass 15 major areas of law. Due to this diversity of experience, we can view your case from many angles. A divorce or custody matter may involve changing a trust. One of our estate planning attorneys can work with your family law attorney. Or work on a Visa may require experience in transnational adoption to advise our immigration attorney. 

GSJones Law Group Partners

Our Partners, David Jones, Norman Short and John Groseclose,
bring 60 years experience in
personal injury, family law, tax, business and estate planning law

Clients  appreciate the GSJones Law Group team approach

Your legal concerns are of great significance. Critically important issues may include

  • property loss
  • large sums of money
  • jail versus freedom
  • strengthening or weakening of family ties
  • debt oppression versus debt relief
  • health or demise of a business
  • approved or denied immigration status
  • timely versus delayed administration of an estate.

Notably, our extensive trial experience is a critical asset for our clients. However, the vast majority of our clients’ goals are accomplished without a need to go to trial. When it becomes necessary, we are prepared — and we work hard to ensure that our clients are prepared as well. We guide you through some of your most challenging times and help you plan for a better future. We are experienced in your world – the world we find in Kitsap County of families, work and small businesses.

Clients appreciate our commitment to our community

Because we are longtime members of Kitsap County, our lawyers and staff are active members in many and varied ways in our communities. We work to ensure that folks here have access to the courts regardless of their means. In 2019 the Kitsap Bar Association recognized the 400 hours of volunteer services our lawyers and other staff provided in 2018 with the Humanitarian Award. Many serve on the board and as volunteers with Kitsap Legal Services.  Recently, one partner began working with non-profits that help immigrant children with legal needs. In addition, our criminal law attorney takes court appointments. Two of our partners serve the legal community through serving as Judge Pro Tem, commissioner for settlement conferences, Continuing Legal Education leaders, and guardian ad litem. Some are also active in the community services Rotary Clubs provide.

From church choirs that perform at prisons to organizing popular marathons and working for food availability our lawyers and staff volunteer work to make significant differences in Kitsap communities.

Contact GSJones Law Group with offices in Port Orchard and Bainbridge Island

Call or message us to schedule an initial consultation. Located in Port Orchard and Bainbridge Island, we provide full service to Kitsap County and surrounding communities including Bremerton, Silverdale,  Seabeck, Gig Harbor, and the area Naval facilities.

We specialize in you.