Coronavirus phone consultations with labor lawyer

Phone consultations with labor lawyerCall now to set up a Tuesday phone consultation with our labor lawyer! The spread of the novel Coronavirus is affecting a lot of businesses and employees. We expect that a lot of people will have questions for our employment attorney, Chalmers Johnson. As quarantine measures get stricter, coming to an office for face to face meetings is not going to be safe. Chalmers usually only meets prospective clients in person. However, during this difficult and uncertain time, he recognizes that he may be needed more than ever and has agreed to be accessible for COVID-19 related consults by phone on Tuesdays from 9 am to 4 pm.

Call now for your appointment with employment lawyer

Phone consults are $100 for up to an hour. Call the office to schedule. 360-876-9221. This is special pricing for this emergency. Normally, the charge is $100 for a half-hour consultation.

If you have documents for Chalmers to review before your consultation, please send them with your name and phone number in the subject line, prior to the consultation, to [email protected]

Chalmers initiated his own quarantine already. Yet, he anticipates that many of our neighbors in this stressful and unusual time will need labor law advice. He wants to help as much as he can.

At this time all GSJones attorneys are meeting with clients by easy-to-use video and phone, rather than in person.