Port Orchard Child Custody Attorneys Develop Fair Parenting Plans

Accomplished Washington firm assists parents going through a divorce

At GSJones Law Group, P.S., our experienced child custody attorneys stand ready and equipped to provide whatever help you need during the stressful process of creating and enforcing parenting plans. We know that nothing about separation and divorce is more heart-wrenching and stressful than caring for your children. As a result of the experience our custody team shares, we can identify creative solutions to your toughest challenges. From office in Port Orchard, we offer personalized guidance geared to your child’s unique needs and interests.

Lawyers negotiate terms relating to decision-making authority and residence

Though people might be more familiar with the terms custody and visitation, Washington refers to these arrangements as a parenting plan. Whenever possible, our firm focuses on negotiating an agreement that satisfies both sides and promotes healthy relationships going forward. Our background in this area gives us the insight to address situations that might get lost in the emotional tumult surrounding a divorce, such as holiday visits and transportation between homes, along with:

  • Decision-making authority — Frequently, decision-making authority (sometimes referred to as legal custody) is awarded jointly so that both parents have a say in their child’s education, religious training and medical treatment.
  • Residential arrangements — Coming up with a residential schedule might be highly complex depending on how far apart parents live, the child’s routine, educational opportunities and other factors. We always concentrate on developing a plan that minimizes unnecessary disruption while creating a supportive environment in both homes.
  • Factors used by the court — Unfortunately, consensus is not always possible and your parenting time terms might be decided by a judge. Should this occur, we’ll detail the various factors the court might use when determining what is in your child’s best interests. These can include each parent’s ability to take care of the child’s daily needs, any history of substance abuse or violent behavior and the youth’s preference if they are old enough to make a mature decision.

Serving clients throughout Kitsap County, including Washington, Bremerton, Silverdale, Seabeck, Gig Harbor, Bainbridge Island and the area naval facilities, our family lawyers are committed to resolutions that ensure you maintain frequent, meaningful contact with your children.

Firm assists with grandparents custody and guardianship issues

Generally, the law gives heavy deference to parents when it comes to what is best for their minor children. Even if grandparents have a strong bond with their grandchildren, it can be very difficult to establish custodial or visitation rights unless the youth’s parents have passed away or there is a demonstrated reason why the parents cannot provide proper care over the long run. A grandparent or another responsible adult in a young person’s life might be appointed as a guardian on a permanent or temporary basis. As guardians, they would have decision-making authority for their wards and be able to exercise their legal rights until the child turns 18. If you are a grandparent and believe intervention is in you’re grandchild’s best interests, we’ll assess your situation and outline your options.

Experienced custody attorneys re-negotiate parenting plans

When life conditions change it takes a skilled negotiator to ensure that modifications that must be made to parenting plans meet the needs of your children. Our Family Law attorneys have the compassion, experience and skill to find the best way forward. Together our family law attorneys have more than 50 years experience guiding child custody cases. Where agreement cannot be reached, we are aggressive litigators. We welcome the complex issues that parenting plans often present for military families.

Contact an effective Washington child custody lawyer to set up a consultation  

GSJones Law Group, P.S. attorneys David Jones, John Groseclose and Kathleen Rice represent parents in Kitsap County and other Washington locations during child custody negotiations and proceedings. If you’re going through a divorce or are engaged in a modification or enforcement action relating to a previously entered order, please call 360-876-9221 or contact us online. Our office is in Port Orchard.