Port Orchard Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Build Strong Cases for Liability

Washington State attorneys work hard to maximize their clients’ chances in court

Walking and jogging can be healthy activities, unless you’re the victim of a pedestrian accident. Often, these hazards are the result of a negligent driver or someone else who has failed to use proper care. The seasoned litigators of GSJones Law Group, P.S., with offices in Port Orchard, provide pedestrians injured in accidents in Kitsap and other counties with the aggressive representation they need. We know how to deal with insurance companies and prove fault so that you can obtain compensation for your damages.

Pedestrian accidents can happen anywhere

You might think that the only danger you face is when walking across or along a roadway, but dangers can appear anywhere you walk. Among the hazards you may encounter are:

  • Roadway accidents — Whether you’re crossing an intersection in a crosswalk or walking on a sidewalk, a negligent motorist may fail to stop or he or she may swerve over the curb and hit you.
  • Slip and falls — The ground or pavement on which you walk might be icy or otherwise slippery, uneven or broken. Sometimes, these problems can be hidden from you until you encounter them, like when slippery ice is covered by snow.
  • Falling objects — A carelessly placed or dropped item can fall out of a window or off of a balcony, or a scaffolding collapse might send workers, equipment and the scaffold itself falling on top of you.

No matter what incident causes you to get injured as a pedestrian, you can trust us to build a strong case against the parties responsible for your accident.

How we identify the culpable parties and build a strong case of liability

It’s not always clear who is liable for an accident. For instance, even when a car hits you in a crosswalk, it’s possible that the cross-walk itself was unsafely designed or constructed. Our experience in the courtroom and knowledge of the law and pedestrian hazards gives us the necessary background to identify all the potentially culpable parties. We will build a case for liability against them by carefully examining the accident site, reviewing relevant documents, questioning the parties and witnesses during your case and using expert witnesses to analyze the evidence so that we can reach firm conclusions and present them to the jury.

How we work to combat the defense that you are to blame

If you settle your case without going to court, the defendant’s insurance company is likely going to give you far less than your case is actually worth. If you want to win the damages you deserve, you need to hire a personal injury attorney and take it to court. However, when you do, the defense attorney will likely try to prove that you were at fault by claiming that you were not walking carefully enough, not looking out for danger or that you were crossing the street when you didn’t have the right of way. We know what’s coming and will prepare to rebut these accusations.

Still, even if you are partly at fault, it doesn’t mean you can’t win. Washington’s comparative negligence rule requires a jury to assign percentages of the blame to each party, and as long as the defendant is at least one-percent liable, you will be entitled to damages, although the amount of the jury verdict you receive will be reduced by your share of negligence. Knowing that, we try to minimize your share of fault when we present your case.

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