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New Year, New Laws in Washington State

Several new laws affecting workers, employers, voters and gun owners take affect January 1, 2024. Read More

Asset Protection Trusts save you worry

Use an asset protection trust to protect the beneficiary from impulse spending and creditors Read More

How much should I expect in a settlement offer for an auto accident?

The answer to three questions will help you estimate the settlement from an auto accident injury. For a more accurate assessment, consult an experienced personal injury attorney. Read More

Welcome to Personal Injury and Civil litigator Douglas Somers

For over four decades, Douglas Somers has represented plaintiffs in personal injury litigation with the same skill and zeal he brought to his defense of insurance companies and major corporations. Read More

Welcome To Family Law Attorney, Kathleen Rice

Kathleen Rice, a great addition to our Family Law Team! She has traveled a long way from the corporate suites and formal courtrooms of South Africa to live in Kitsap County. Read More

Notes you make after an accident could make a difference in your personal injury claim

Injured in an accident? Write down what you remember about the accident, your injuries and the impact onyour life as soon as possible. Read More

GSJones Law Group files class action lawsuit

John Groseclose, Partner at GSJones Law Group, filed a class-action lawsuit against the Washington State Patrol toxicologist on June 22, 2022. Read More

Attorney Megan Quirk adds Elder Law focus to Port Orchard law firm

Megan Quirk joins GSJones Law Group. She focuses on Elder Law, including estate planning, guardianship, probate, and Medicaid planning Read More

Sara Humphries Named Partner at GSJones Law Group

Sara Humphries, who focuses on civil litigation, family law, and appeals, has been named as the newest partner in GSJones Law Group. She has been with the firm since 2005. Read More

A Special Thanksgiving

Through a war of insurrection, two world wars, economic hardship, and even a pandemic, we have, as a nation, found reasons to give thanks. Read More

What does the executor of an estate do?

Even before you are formally named by the court you have a lot of work to do. You prepare a stack of paperwork that includes the will and several legal forms, including the formal request to be appointed executor. Read More

Estate planning is life planning, not simply planning for death

Estate planning is planning for life, as well as planning for what happens in the event of your death. All the changes we've endured this year emphasize the importance of a good plan. Read More

WA Supreme Court addresses the ‘devaluation and degradation of black lives’

In a letter to the legal community issued on the day of George Floyd’s funeral, the Washington State Supreme Court issued a challenge to the entire legal community. “The legal Read More

COVID-19 Single-parenting, co-parenting

The dangers of COVID-19 present special, even dire problems for single-parenting, co-parenting and extended family parenting. Two recent articles cover many of the issues with sensitivity, insight, and practicality. “I Never Read More

Co-Parenting in the time of COVID-19

People are inquiring about visitation in this time of crisis. The question of child custody is perhaps the most emotional and difficult question courts have to decide. When parents cannot Read More

Business partnership split

Is your business partnership showing signs of fraying? Check out “How to break up with your business partner the right way” for cues to how to handle the split. The Read More

Viewing 1 - 16 out of 55 posts


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