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Accomplished Washington attorney advises on internal matters and disputes

Whether you are a new entrepreneur or an established business, a sole proprietor or a corporation, partnering with a business law attorney increases your chances of success. From office in Port Orchard, GSJones Law Group, P.S. delivers high-level advice and advocacy to Washington businesses. Firm partner Norman Short, uses his 30+ years of legal experience to assist with business formation, contract review, tax concerns and other important matters.

Attorney assists with creation of LLCs, sole proprietorships corporations and partnerships

The size of your tax bill, when you pay it, what liabilities you face and how you are protected, your start-up and overhead costs are all influenced by what business form you use. Some are better suited than others to your industry, your personality and your vision. If you’re looking to launch a new venture, our firm is able to advise on which of the following business structures best suits you and your business:

  • Corporations — Corporations are standalone legal entities that protect shareholders against personal liability. They must conform with state rules and might be taxed. Many small business owners choose S-corporations where income passes through to the owner(s) and is taxed on an individual basis. Alternatively, C-corporations are subject to paying taxes.
  • Partnerships — General partnerships are created by two or more partners who share control of the business and are subject to having their individual assets attached to cover obligations owed to creditors. Limited liability partnerships (LLPs) allow partners to avoid this risk. Slightly different is a structure where a limited partner is entitled to a share of profits, but does not have operational control and is not personally liable for debts.
  • Limited liability companies — Limited liability companies (LLCs) are created through an agreement among owners and are flexible enough to blend some of the benefits of both partnerships and corporations.
  • Sole proprietorships — An individual or a married couple can create a sole proprietorship when no one else is involved with the ownership or operation of the business. Though this structure offers a great deal of freedom, the proprietor(s) is personally liable for business debts.

Whatever entity works best, our firm is flexible and can adapt to meet your needs. Whether you’d prefer to establish a retainer so you can obtain sound advice at any time, or are looking to engage our services for a particular project, we’re committed to the arrangement that works best for you. In addition, Norm often serves as general corporate counsel to local businesses.

Established firm gives companies knowledgeable counsel on contracts

Selecting the proper legal entity forms the foundation for your business, but success usually requires the establishment and enforcement of suitable contracts. If you’re concerned about securing property, purchasing supplies, dealing with a subcontractor or creating sound employee agreements, Norm offers knowledgeable counsel throughout the drafting and negotiation process. When a contract partner violates the terms of a deal or you are accused of a contract breach, he works diligently to achieve a favorable resolution.

Business lawyer helps you meet state and local legal requirements

All businesses face a myriad of local and state laws and regulations. Taking proactive steps to comply with these rules can help you avoid sanctions and unnecessary hassle. Our attorney explains complex codes and, if it fits your needs, can show you how to alter certain provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code of the State of Washington with provisions of your foundational documents.

Seasoned business attorney has advanced training and experience in tax law

As an attorney with an advanced legal degree (LL.M.) in tax law, Norman Short has extensive knowledge of federal and state business tax issues. He gives companies thorough advice on planning and payroll tax issues. When the IRS or Washington Department of Revenue opens an inquiry or takes legal action, he strives to negotiate advantageous tax settlements and represents parties before the United States Tax Court, if necessary.

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GSJones Law Group, P.S. advises small and large businesses on a wide array of matters, including formation issues and contractual concerns. To discuss your specific needs with an experienced Washington lawyer, please call 360-876-9221 or contact us online. Our office is located in Port Orchard.