Port Orchard Auto Accident Lawyers Take on Careless Motorists

Skillful Washington litigators pursue payment for crash victims

If you’ve recently been involved in an auto accident, you likely have a lot to worry about. Perhaps your car is totaled or you suffered severe injuries that are keeping you out of work. You might also be worried about the fact that you’re experiencing physical problems that you were not aware of at the time of the crash. GSJones Law Group, P.S. is an established Kitsap County law firm that has served Washington clients since 2001. Our attorneys assist victims of car crashes and other types of vehicle collisions. With our office in Port Orchard, we are accomplished litigators who understand how to deal with insurance companies and demonstrate who was at fault for a car accident so that clients can obtain the financial recovery they are entitled to.

Accomplished attorneys handle a full range of vehicle collision cases

In addition to working as your lawyer in cases that arise from accidents between two passenger cars, our team also delivers strong representation in collision litigation involving:

  • Trucks — Getting hit by a truck can cause a catastrophic injury, which is why commercial vehicles and their operators are subject to special rules. If you’ve been hit by a semi-truck or some other big rig, we can check the vehicle’s electronic data recorder and examine other evidence to see if the driver was speeding, overtired or negligent in some other way that contributed to the collision.
  • Motorcycles — Operators of cars and trucks sometimes fail to see motorcycle riders or fail to obey the laws designed to protect bikers. After a sideswipe, wide turn or open-door injury, our firm provides assertive advocacy to help victims of motorcycle crashes secure a measure of justice for burns, road rashes, broken bones, traumatic brain injuries and other harm that can result.
  • Pedestrians — In Washington, drivers must yield to pedestrians who are lawfully in crosswalks, but this sometimes doesn’t happen, particularly if the motorist is on their cell phone. Even if the defendant tries to allege that you were partially at fault for your injury, you can still win an award under the state’s comparative negligence standard.

From start to finish, we press to hold careless drivers accountable on behalf of accident victims throughout Kitsap County, including Bremerton, Silverdale, Seabeck, Gig Harbor and the area’s naval facilities.

Thorough litigators work diligently to hold at-fault drivers liable for injuries

The police report does not always tell the complete story about what factors precipitated the accident. Our litigators know how to examine physical evidence and question witnesses to identify if the other driver might have been distracted at the wheel or impaired by alcohol or drugs when the crash occurred. We give clients the support they need to push back against aggressive insurers who are trying to avoid their legal obligation with a substandard settlement offer. No matter what type of injuries you’ve suffered, we make a detailed evaluation of current and future medical costs, as well as lost income and other damages that should be accounted for in your personal injury verdict or settlement.

Contact a skillful Kitsap County auto accident lawyer to discuss your case  

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