Port Orchard Guardianship & Elder Law Attorneys

Whether you seek guardianship of a grandchild, niece or nephew or need legal advice regarding guardianship for your adult disabled child in Washington, contact GSJones Law Group, P.S. to schedule a consultation. Our Kitsap County law firm offers knowledgeable legal counsel regarding any of the following issues pertaining to guardianship:

  • Petitions for guardianship
  • Accounting and representation of the guardian
  • Family member incapacitated after a serious accident
  • Adult child with special needs.
  • Victim of elder abuse and neglect in a nursing home

Extensive experience in guardianship law

GSJones Law Group, P.S., Port Orchard attorneys have extensive experience in guardian and custody law. In addition, we represent incapacitated individuals in jury trials. John Groseclose and Norman Short can advise and accompany you from the beginning through meeting your duties as a guardian.

They will prepare the petition. Then they will represent you at the hearing. Finally, they are available to you as you live out your guardian duties, afterward.

People seek to become guardians in a variety of situations. These include serious injury, family dysfunction, death of a parent or incarceration of a parent. Our team of attorneys focus on most areas of law that individuals need. We can address more than completing the guardian process. We can also address criminal justice issues, divorce, adoption and estate planning, to name a few.


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Kitsap County Elder Abuse Attorneys

If you wish to be appointed guardian of a family member or wish to protest a pending guardianship of someone close to you, GSJones Law Group, P.S. can advise you and guide you through the necessary processes of application or opposition to a petition.

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