Legal fees generally produce anxiety when you consider consulting a lawyer. This page is designed to take some of the anxiety out of meeting with one of our lawyers.

A quick summary of our legal fees

Consultation Fee – $100 for a 30-minute consult, except personal injury cases

Hourly Rates – per attorney

  • David Jones – $275
  • John Groseclose – $295
  • Norman Short – $300
  • Michele Taylor – $250
  • Larry Lofgren – $250
  • Sara Humphries – $250
  • Personal injury – See contingency fees below

Hourly Rates for Paralegal and Clerical Cases 

  • Clerical – $40.00
  • Paralegal, Jean Kaio – $150.00
  • Assistants – $125.00

Explanation of  legal fees

  • Consultation Fee: We charge a reduced fee for your first meeting. Both you and our attorney decide whether we can best serve your needs.
  • Hourly Rate: With the exception of personal injury cases, we usually charge you for each hour (or portion of an hour) that the lawyer works on your case. There are a few services for which we charge a flat fee.
  • Contingency Fees: Percentage of the amount awarded in the case. This fee arrangement is used in personal injury cases. You do not pay a fee if you lose the case. Contingency fee percentages vary. The most common percentages range between one-third and 40%. During the consultation, discuss expected expenses and the payment schedule.

Legal fees: Other possible arrangements

  • Flat Fees: In some cases, our attorneys may charge a specific fee for a defined service. We may use flat fees for cases that are uncomplicated.
  • Retainer Fees: We use retainers more often than flat fees. Retainers are like down payments. Costs and fees as they arise are billed against the retainer. We place your retainer in a special account and deduct from the account as they arise.