From Jingle Bell Runs to Boston Marathon to Ultras, Ginger is…

a running Maniac (that’s a thing).

GSJones Law Group legal assistant Ginger Gruber is off to Boston this weekend to once again participate in the Boston Marathon. Here she is wearing her medal at the finish line of the  2006 Boston Marathon. She ran her first marathon in 2001. This will be her 70thmarathon or longer race. She has done Ultras as long as 12 hour races, winning both of them at 69 miles in 12 hours. Her marathon PR (personal record ) is 3:16:11 at Winthrop Marathon.

Ginger does lots of local runs, including the Dolphin Dash and the Yukon Do It, which she created in 2010 by throwing out the idea on Facebook just because she thought she should get one more race in before the end of the year (and she wanted that Maniac title).  From concept to race day was less than two months and even in its first year it was hugely successful.

Ginger is just one of GSJones Law Group staff that can get things done successfully. We have a staff of attorneys providing full legal service who will go the extra mile for you.

We’ll be rooting for you on Monday, Ginger!